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I’ve watched the rise and fall of my own Rome

Everything turns to shit eventually
You’re left desperately holding on to the good memories
That’s how some people get by
Like me

I remember
The good days of my childhood
The love and security of family
The closeness we shared
It wasn’t perfect but it existed, it was there
And now all that’s left is a hollow space
Of what was

I remember
Feeling like I finally found my tribe
A true family, a group so connected
We were all strange and beautiful and creative and talented
We were going places, we were going to conquer the world
Our own way, through our own artistic expression
We were so inspired by each other
Made the best music, art, photography
Had the most life changing experiences

But everything comes to an end
The golden years are over
And now it’s all wasted and spoilt
I’m always thinking “we are too young to feel this cynical, we have lived so little to be this jaded”

I’ve seen the brightest and most special
Become lost,

Not in the wandering way which has many possibilities of fulfillment
But in the stuck stand still
Kinda lost in the oh my god you are so far from where you need to be, where you truly belong

But you’re not even looking

I’ve also witnessed them use people as distractions
Whether trash talking, baby making, settling coupling,
It’s all the same
Eating up their time and pushing their dreams away
Further and further
As they drift into the mundane

But I remember
I remember the insatiable thirst, the never ending hunger

To have something to say
And want to say it
For I still feel it
Thank god I still feel it
As lost and far away as I am sometimes
I’m always able to keep my eyes on the prize

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"Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide."
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Vivian Maier, Untitled (Family Standing on Beach), 1968



Vivian Maier, Untitled (Family Standing on Beach), 1968


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forest and flowers: mt. rainier (by manyfires)

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Better You

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Cassiopeia by Joseph Cornell, 1960. Collage construction.


Cassiopeia by Joseph Cornell, 1960. Collage construction.

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Neil Young by Dennis Keeley, 1983.


Neil Young by Dennis Keeley, 1983.

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I’m starting to draw little comic strips, in hopes to one day make a zine with a collection of them. Here goes!

I’m starting to draw little comic strips, in hopes to one day make a zine with a collection of them. Here goes!

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